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Molecular Formula FeS2
CAS No. 1309-36-0
nature of pyrite pyrite is the main sulfur minerals. Often containing cobalt, nickel, and sometimes copper, gold and silver axis crystal, crystal cube appearing or 13.50 12 Verses, dense clusters appearing massive, granular or disseminated. Light yellow color of copper or gold, for traces of green, black or black, metallic sheen, sexual brittle and fracture of varying hardness 6-6.5, density 4.9-5.2g/cm3. Conductivity is weak, do not dissolve in water and dilute hydrochloric acid, dissolved in nitric acid and sulfur precipitation. On the fire burning blue flame produced and issued pungent smell of sulfur dioxide. Pyrite is the earth's most widely distributed sulfide, in various geological formation; The limestone, coal and volcanic rocks can be formed separate deposit; Often with copper, lead, zinc and other non-ferrous metals symbiotic, and form a multi-metal pyrite. For system sulfuric acid, sulfur.
toxicity pyrite in underground mining process must strengthen ventilation and dust management, mining site at any time SO2, CO, H2S and other harmful gas concentrations, and to spontaneous combustion fires ore found the signs of poisoning and to prevent the occurrence of fire .
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More Detailed Data:
1) Pyrite;pyrite (fes2);powdered pyrite concentrate;pyrite concentrate;troilite
2) pyrite
3) Pyrite;pyrrhotite
4) pyrite
5) pyrite ore
6) (common)pyrite;iron pyrite
7) Pyrite
8) arsenopyrite;mispickel FeAsS
9) arsenopyrite
10) arsenojpyrite;mispickel
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