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BPO;benzoyl peroxide
Acid also known as benzoyl peroxide, or BPO, molecular weight 242.22. The white crystalline powder, a slight odor. The temperature of 103 to 106 ° C (decomposition), t1/2 = 2.4h (85 ° C) and 4.3h (80 ° C) and 8.4h (75 ° C), the decomposition temperature [0 benzene] .2 M 73 ° C Soluble ether, acetone, chloroform, benzene. Micro-soluble alcohol, vegetable oil, not water soluble. Dry goods extremely unstable, friction, impact, heat or reductant case that can trigger an explosion. Flammable, nontoxic.
benzoyl peroxide in the adhesive industry's most widely initiator, as acrylic, vinyl acetate solvent polymerization, chloroprene rubber, natural rubber, SBS and methyl methacrylate graft polymerization. Unsaturated polyester resin, the plexiglass adhesive initiator. It can also serve as fluorine and silicon rubber vulcanized rubber and crosslinking agent. Also can be used as a bleaching agent and oxidizer.
stored in a cool, low-temperature within the Treasury to maintain about 30% moisture, can not be met with organic combustibles. Before use of water removal should be air-dried and anhydrous ethanol washing or drying. Drying must pay attention to security and prevent explosion, the temperature not too high (50 ~ 60 ° C), the best steam oven and vacuum oven, the oven if electricity, and to avoid overheating oven door will not shut.

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