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Cuprous chloride
CuCl molecular 98.99
cubic crystal white crystals or a white powder. 4.14g/cm3 density. 430 ° C melting point. Boiling Point 1490 ° C When dry air and light stability, exposure to the air Trace Humidity have become green when exposed in the bright blue to brown. Soluble concentrated hydrochloric acid and ammonia, water-soluble, almost insoluble in alcohol, acetone, sulfuric acid and dilute nitric acid. The rapid hydrolysis of hot water into red, copper oxide hydrate formation. The acidity and slow reaction can absorb the carbon dioxide generated by the complex.
application areas such as organic synthesis of organic silicon production for the catalyst or agent. From the oil industry for the Grand agents, bleaching agents, sweetening agent. Oil Industry for coagulating agent. Dye industries such as the production of aniline dyes, Phthalocyanine Cyan, phthalocyanine green, the green pigment activity Copper Complex played the role of agent for the catalyst. Analytical chemistry for the absorbent carbon monoxide. Also, metallurgical, electroplating, medicine, pesticides, defense and other fields.
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