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polyoxyethylene sorbitan tristearate

traits known as Poly ethoxy three hard cool tea acid ester alcohol, Twain -65. Tan-cereus. Diversification in water, toluene, high-concentration was gelatinous. 1.05g/cm3 density. 27-31 ° C melting point. Soluble cottonseed oil, corn oil, acetone, ether, 1,4-dioxane. Have excellent emulsification of fragmentation.
production methods used mainly Addition. With three hard sorbitan ester acid and ethylene oxide for raw materials, in the presence of sodium hydroxide catalyst, derived addition reaction.
saponification value 60mgKOH 40 ~ / g HLB 10.5
hydroxyl value of 85 ~ 100 mgKOH / g acid value "2 mg KOH / g
uses ionic Table Liu surface activity. Cream mainly used for cosmetic emulsion and the oil-in-water emulsifier. Also can be used as a thickener.

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