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With the main chain-NHCOO-repeated structural units of a polymer. The initials PU. By isocyanate (monomer) and hydroxy compounds polymerization. As with the strong polar carbamate, and the insoluble non-polar solvent, has a good oil resistance, toughness, abrasion resistance, resistance to aging and the bonding between. Different materials can be prepared to adapt to a wide temperature range (-50 to 150 ° C) of the material, including elastomers, thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resins. Even in high temperature hydrolysis, nor alkaline medium.
common monomers such as toluene diisocyanate, diisocyanate diphenyl methane. Polyol divided into three categories : simple polyol (glycol, glycerin, etc.); The end of the hydroxyl-containing polyester oligomers, used for the preparation of polyester polyurethane; The end of the hydroxyl-containing polyether low polymer, used for the preparation of polyether-based polyurethane. Polymerization with different material properties. Synthetic Elastomers at first dual Preparation of low molecular weight alcohols, with excessive aromatic isocyanate reaction, generating isocyanate-terminated prepolymer again with butanediol chain extender, be thermoplastic elastomer; Using the aromatic diamine chain extender and further crosslinking, to be cast-elastomer. Prepolymers with hydrazine or diamines chain extender, be flexible fiber; Isocyanate excessive more prepolymer with the catalyst, a foam mixture can be directly Rigid Foam. If monomer, polyether, water, mixed catalyst, the reaction step can be obtained by the soft foam. Monomer and polyols in the reaction solution, available coating; While more adhesive isocyanate monomer and low molecular weight polyether or polyester mixed use and reaction.
for polyurethane elastomer rollers, belts, hoses, automobile parts, soles, synthetic leather, wire and cable and medical Artificial Organs; Soft foam used in vehicles, their home, clothing lining, rigid foam used as insulation, acoustic, packaging , foam insulation and low synthetic wood, paint for advanced vehicles, furniture, wood and metal protection.

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More Detailed Data:
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