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CAS No. 78-59-1
Molecular Formula C9H14O; (H3C) k UB>2CCH2COCHCCH3CH2
molecular vapor pressure k 138.23 _BR>
white liquid water, with mint flavor; 0.133kPa/38 ° Cflash point : 84 ° C; melting point -8.1 ° Cboiling point : 215.2 ° C; water-soluble, easy the majority of soluble organic solvent; the relative density (water = 1) .9230; the relative density (Air = 1) 4.77; Stability : stability; dangerous labeling; the main purposes : as oils, gums, resins, lacquers, nitro fiber of the solvent and school synthesis intermediates

2. The impact on the environment
a health hazard

pathways : inhaled, ingested, percutaneous absorption.
health hazards : the eyes, mucous membrane and skin stimulation. After contact with irritable feeling. The goods higher boiling point, the actual production No serious poisoning or chronic poisoning report.

two, toxicology information and environmental behavior

toxicity : is low toxicity category. Right mucosa, skin irritation strong.
acute toxicity : LD502330mg/kg (rat oral); 2000mg/kg (mice by mouth); 1500mg/kg (percutaneous rabbit); Inhalation 228mg/m3 × 1 hour nasal eyes damage

hazardous characteristics : air mixture can form explosive mixtures case of fire, heat or contact with oxidants, combustion caused a risk of explosion. In case of high fever, increased pressure within containers, cracking and the risk of explosion.
combustion (decomposition) products : carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide.

3. Scene emergency monitoring methods

4. Laboratory monitoring methods
GC "Solid Waste Analysis Evaluation Manual," the China Environmental Monitoring terminus translated

5. Environmental standards
American plant health standards 25mg/m3

6. Emergency treatment and disposal methods
a leakage contingency

leak contaminated areas evacuated personnel to a safe area, not to prohibit access to the contaminated area, the proposed emergency personnel wearing gas masks, chemical protective clothing to wear. Wash with water, diluted Add Water Wastewater System. Can also be used to dry sand or lime soda ash mixed collected in a closed container, transported to the waste disposal sites. If large spills, using a causeway asylum, and then to collect, transfer, recycling or waste processed sound.

two protective measures

respiratory protection : its vapor may come into contact with, they should wear protective masks. Emergency rescue or escape, it is recommended to wear gas masks.
eye protection : Wear protective chemical safety glasses.
protective clothes : wear appropriate protective clothing.
hand protection : Wear gloves against chemicals.
other : work, take a shower. To maintain good health habits.

three, and emergency measures

contact with the skin : use soap and water thoroughly washed. Medical treatment.
eye contact : opened eyelids, mobile water rinse for 15 minutes. Medical treatment.
INHALED : from the scene to fresh air. Difficult to breathe oxygen. Stop breathing, artificial resuscitation immediately. Medical treatment. Fresh into
: coverage, adequate drinking warm water, the symptoms. Medical treatment.

fire fighting methods : water mist, anti-insoluble foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder.

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