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GB No. CAS US> No. 91-22 -5
Molecular Formula C9H7N
molecular 129.16

colorless liquid, lack of color, odor special ; vapor pressure 0.13kPa/59.7 ° C flash point : 99 ° C; melting point -14.5 ° C; boiling point of 237.7 ° C; solubility : soluble in water, alcohol, ether, carbon disulfide majority of organic solvents; density : relative density (water = 1) 1.09; the relative density (Air = 1) 4.5; Stability : stability; risk Marker 15 (poisoned goods) main purposes : for drug synthesis

2. The impact on the environment :
a health hazard Part : p>

pathways : inhaled, ingested.
health hazards : steam right nose and throat irritation there. After inhaling the cause headache, dizziness, nausea. Right eyes and skin irritation. Oral stimulate oral and stomach. Part : p>

two, toxicology information and environmental behavior k

toxicity : It is a middle class drug.
acute toxicity : LD50460mg/kg (rat oral); 540mg/kg (rabbit percutaneous) Part : p>

hazardous characteristics : case of fire, combustible high fever. With oxidant may react. Thermal decomposition of the toxic release of nitric oxide gas.
combustion (decomposition) products : carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide. Part : p>

3. Emergency Monitoring Methods :

4 . laboratory monitoring methods : gas chromatography
reference to the "Handbook of Analytical Chemistry" (fourth volumes, chromatography analysis), the chemical industry publishers Part : p>
< / P>

5. Environmental standards :
former Soviet air workshop of the most hazardous substances high concentrations 0.5mg/m3
allow the former Soviet Union (1975) Harmful Substances in Water maximum allowable concentration 0.5mg/L

6. Emergency treatment and disposal methods :
a leakage contingency k determines : p>

leak contaminated areas evacuated personnel to a safe area, not to prohibit access to the contaminated area, cut off the source of fire. Recommended emergency personnel wearing self-contained breathing apparatus to wear chemical protective clothing. Do not direct contact with leakage, in ensuring the safety of plugging. Water fog can reduce evaporation but do not enter the water storage containers. Use sand, dry lime or soda ash mixture, then collect and transport the waste to disposal sites. We could also use a lot of water washing, Add Water dilution of the wastewater system. If large spills, using a causeway asylum, and then to collect, transfer, recycling or waste processed sound.

two protective measures

respiratory protection : concentration in air overweight, they should wear protective masks. Emergency rescue or escape, it is recommended to wear self-contained breathing apparatus.
eye protection : Wear protective chemical safety glasses.
protective clothes : wear appropriate protective clothing.
hand protection : Wear gloves against chemicals.
other : work site prohibit smoking, eating and drinking. After thorough cleansing. Do not dress to a non-operational establishments, separate storage of toxic pollution by the clothes, washed reuse. To maintain good health habits. Part : p>

three, and emergency measures

contact with the skin : contaminated clothing off immediately mobile water thoroughly washed.
eye contact : immediately filed eyelid, mobile or saline irrigation water for at least 15 minutes.
Inhalation : rapidly from the scene to fresh air. When necessary, respirators. Medical treatment. Fresh into
: patients to fully clear when the mouthwash, water, such as vomiting, headache from it and prevent vomit into the trachea. Medical treatment. Part : p>

fire fighting methods : dry powder, mist, carbon dioxide, sand, foam . Part : p>

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