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GB No. 43002
CAS No. 7440-23-5
Molecular Formula Na
molecular 22.99

2. The impact on the environment :
a health hazard

pathways : inhaled, ingested.
health hazards : in the air can be spontaneous combustion, combustion of the smoke (primarily oxygen Sodium) to the nose, throat and upper respiratory tract and the effects of a strong stimulating effect. With moist skin or clothing may contact combustion, causing burns.

two, toxicology information and environmental behavior

acute toxicity : LD504000mg/kg (internal organs of mice cavity)
hazardous characteristics : high chemical reactivity, oxygen, chlorine, fluorine, bromine vapor will burn. With water or tidal fierce reaction produce hydrogen, heat large, cause a fire or explosion. Metallic sodium exposure to the air or oxygen combustion and self explosion molten spatter. With halogens, phosphorus, many oxides, oxidizers and acid reacted sharply. Combustion of yellow flame. 100 ° Cbegin evaporation, steam can be eroded glass.
combustion (decomposition) products : sodium oxide.

3. Emergency Monitoring Methods :

4. Laboratory monitoring methods :
flame atomic absorption spectrometry (GB11904-89, water)
AAS ( GB13580.12-92, atmospheric precipitation)
AAS "Solid Waste Analysis Evaluation Manual," the China Environmental Monitoring terminus translated

5. Environmental standards :
Japan (1970), irrigation water quality standards 10ppm
the European Community (1975) drinking water standard to guide standards 20mg/L
maximum allowable concentration 100mg / L
the former Soviet Union (1975) sewage discharge standard 500mg / L

6. Emergency treatment and disposal methods :
a leakage contingency

isolation leak contaminated areas, restricting access. Cut off the fire source. Recommended emergency personnel wearing self-contained breathing apparatus, wearing fire protective clothing. Do not direct contact with leakage. A small leak : to avoid dust, income and metal containers stored in kerosene or liquid paraffin. Large Leak : plastic sheeting, canvas cover and reduce dispersion. The clearance under the guidance of experts.

two protective measures

respiratory protection : Most do not need special protection.
eye protection : wearing protective masks.
physical protection : wear chemical protective clothing.
hand protection : Wear rubber gloves.
other : no smoking scene work. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

three, and emergency measures

contact with the skin : large flows of water washing, at least 15 minutes. Medical treatment.
eye contact : immediately filed eyelid, with a large number of mobile water or saline thoroughly washed at least 15 minutes. Medical treatment.
Inhalation : rapidly from the scene to fresh air. To keep the airway patency. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stop, legislation for respirators. Medical treatment. Fresh into
: oral intake of water were found to blues or egg white. Medical treatment.

fire fighting methods : not water, halohydrocarbons (1211 extinguishing agents), sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate as a fire extinguishing agent. While sodium chloride should be used dry powder, dry graphite powder, sodium carbonate powder, calcium carbonate powder, dry sand, etc. fire.

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