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thioglycolic acid;mercaptoacetic acid

GB No. 81611
CAS No. 68-11-1
Molecular Formula C2H4O2S; HSCH2COOH
molecular 92.12

transparent colorless liquid, is a strong unpleasant odor; vapor pressure 1.33kPa/18 ° C flash point > 110 ° C; melting point -16.5 ° C; the boiling point 123 ° C / 3.86kPa; solubility : Compatibility with water, immiscible in ethanol, ethyl ether, soluble in common solvents; density : relative density (water = 1) 1.33; Stability Qualitative : stability; risk Marker 20 (corrosive acid); the main purposes : for the determination of iron reagents and stabilizer for the syrup, marcel water manufacturing

2. The impact on the environment :
a health hazard

pathways : inhaled, ingested, percutaneous absorption.
health hazards : the toxicity of materials, and may be of some enzymes sulfhydryl on the special role that the goods have a strong irritant. Eye contact may be due to serious damage, lead to permanent blindness. Skin burns can be addressed; A pair of skin sensitization, caused allergic dermatitis. Absorption through the skin can cause poisoning, animal skin Application of the goods 10% solution <680mg that caused death.

two, toxicology information and environmental behavior

toxicity : it is a high drug category. Its toxicity is possible with certain enzymes Sulfhydryl special effects.
acute toxicity : LD50 <50mg/kg (rat oral); 250mg/kg (mice) are

hazardous characteristics : case of fire, heat or contact with oxidants, combustion caused a risk of explosion. Heating decomposition of toxic sulfide gas. With strong corrosive.
combustion (decomposition) products : carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphides.

3. Emergency Monitoring Methods :

4. Laboratory monitoring methods :
using iodine-polyvinylpyrrolidone capacity of organic compounds : I direct determination [published, Spain] / J. Hernandez Mendez; Gonzalez Perez, C., a recently Saenz-Torre M . / / Stud.Chem.Univ.Salamanca.-1984, (9) .- 57 ~ 64, "Analysis of Chemical Abstracts" 1987.8

5. Environmental standards :
former Soviet air workshop harmful substances maximum allowable concentration 0.1mg/m3 [Paper]

6. Emergency treatment and disposal methods :
a leakage contingency

rapid withdrawal from air leakage personnel to a safe area, and isolation and strict restrictions on access. Cut off the fire source. Recommended emergency personnel wearing respirators-positive pressure self-wearing anti-acid dress. Direct contacts will not spill as much as possible to cut off the source of leakage, prevent access to sewers, flood discharge trench so restrictive space. A small leak : sand or other materials Unburning adsorption or absorption. We could also use a lot of water rinse, diluted Add Water Wastewater System. Large leak : to build a causeway or trenching asylum; Foam coverage, lower vapor disasters. With the transfer pump to tankers or exclusive collector, recycling or shipped to the disposal of waste disposal sites.

two protective measures

respiratory protection : its vapor may come into contact with, they should wear self-absorption filter respirators (half-mask). Emergency rescue or evacuation, it is recommended to wear self-contained breathing apparatus.
eye protection : Wear protective chemical safety glasses.
protective clothing : dress to wear anti-acid.
hand protection : Acid and Basic Resistance wearing rubber gloves.
other : the workplace ban on smoking, eating and drinking water, wash hands before eating. Work to complete, take a shower. Separate storage of toxic pollution by the clothes, washed standby. To maintain good health habits.

three, and emergency measures

contact with the skin : stripped of contaminated clothing, with a large number of mobile wash, at least 15 minutes. Medical treatment.
eye contact : immediately filed eyelid, with a large number of mobile water or saline thoroughly washed at least 15 minutes. Medical treatment.
Inhalation : rapidly from the scene to fresh air. To keep the airway patency. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stop immediately mouth. Medical treatment. Fresh into
: oral intake of water were found, gastric lavage. For blues or egg white. Medical treatment.

fire fighting methods : fire-extinguishing agent : mist of water, foam, sand.

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