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CAS No. No. 112-40-3
Molecular Formula C12H26; CH< SUB>3 (CH2) 10CH3
molecular 170.38 appearance with the characters colorless liquid; vapor pressure 0.133kPa/47.8 ° C a flash point of 71 ° C; melting point -9.6 ° C; the boiling point of 215 ~ 217 ° C; solubility : not soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone , chloroform, carbon tetrachloride; density : relative density (water = 1) .7487; the relative density (Air = 1) 5.96; Stability : stability; dangerous labeling; the main purposes : for organic synthesis, as solvents and contrast GC samples

2. The impact on the environment
a health hazard

pathways : inhaled, ingested, percutaneous absorption.
health hazard : inhalation, ingestion or absorption through the skin may be harmful to health, with a stimulating effect.

two, toxicology information and environmental behavior

acute toxicity : is a low toxicity category.
carcinogenicity : mice skin, and the smallest dose of 11g/kg poisoning (22 weeks, intermittent).
hazardous characteristics : its steam and air to form explosive mixtures case of fire, heat or contact with oxidants, combustion caused a risk of explosion. Decomposition by high fever and emit toxic smoke.
combustion (decomposition) products : carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide.

3. Scene emergency monitoring methods

4. Laboratory monitoring methods
Gas spectrum "of harmful substances in the air of Determination" (third edition) Hang Shi-ping editor

5. Environmental standards

6. Emergency treatment and disposal methods
a leakage contingency

leak contaminated areas evacuated personnel to a safe area, not to prohibit access to the contaminated area, the proposed emergency personnel wearing masks, goggles, wearing overalls. Use sand to absorb, cutting into the club, transported to the waste disposal sites. Wash leakage polluted water, diluted sewage into the wastewater system. If large spills, using a causeway asylum, and then to collect, transfer, recycling or waste processed sound.

two protective measures

respiratory protection : wear masks.
eye protection : general need special protection.
protective clothing : wearing overalls.
hand protection : Wear protective gloves.
other : work site prohibit smoking, eating and drinking. After work, take a shower. To maintain good health habits.

three, and emergency measures

contact with the skin : use soap and water thoroughly washed. Medical treatment.
eye contact : opened eyelids, mobile water rinse for 15 minutes. Medical treatment.
INHALED : from the scene to fresh air. Medical treatment. Fresh into
: coverage, adequate drinking warm water, the symptoms. Medical treatment.

fire fighting methods : Anti-insoluble foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder.

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