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lactic acid
CH3CHOHCOOH molecular 90.08
colorless or yellowish liquid from the fish paste. Days odor, with hygroscopicity. 1.206-1.216g/cm3 density. 18 ° C melting point. L22 ° Cboiling point (LAP). Refractive index of 1.4414. With water, alcohol and glycerol arbitrary mixed, dissolved in chloroform, carbon disulfide and petroleum ether. The atmospheric pressure distillation break down. With the superheated vapor can be volatile, enriched to 50%, some milk into anhydride, 85-90% of the lactate often contain l0-15% of the milk anhydride. Nontoxic.
application from the city on medicine for disinfecting preservatives, for its indoor steam sterilization. Eating right for lactic acid in the food and spices. Lactic acid can be used for industrial leather, textile and other industries. In addition, for complexometric titration, as an analysis of calcium, and aluminum ingot, the determination of copper and zinc, as well as determination of coke sexual gallic acid, phenol, uric acid, protein precipitation and uric acid salt and other reagents.

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More Detailed Data:
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