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Sulphuric acid fuming;Oleum

GB No. 81006
CAS No. 8014-95-7
Molecular Formula H2SO4.SO3< / SUB>
molecular 178

colorless or brown oily smoke stirring the liquid, strong stimulation foul; the boiling point of 55 ° C; the temperature 4.0 ° C, the immiscibility with water solubility; density : relative density ( water = 1) 1.99; the relative density (Air = 1) 2.7; Stability : stability; risk Marker 20 (acidic corrosive substances), 40 (a drug); the main purposes : for sulfonation agent, was also widely used in the manufacture of dyes, explosives , nitration fibers and drugs

2. The impact on the environment :
a health hazard

pathways : inhaled, ingested.
health hazards : the skin, mucous membrane and other organizations have a strong role in stimulating and corrosion. Can cause conjunctivitis, edema, corneal opacity, resulting in blindness; Causing respiratory irritation and severe respiratory difficulties and pulmonary edema; High concentrations cause spasm or supraglottic laryngeal edema and death. After oral administration of the digestive tract caused by burns or ulcers. There may be serious gastric perforation, peritonitis, supraglottic laryngeal spasm and edema and kidney damage, shock.
chronic effects of dental disease etching, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and lung sclerosis.

two, toxicology information and environmental behavior

acute toxicity : LD5080mg/kg (rat oral)
hazardous characteristics : combustibles (such as benzene) and organic (such as sugar, cellulose, etc.) will contact react violently or even cause a fire. With the reaction of ordinary metals, and produce hydrogen with air to form an explosive mixture. Large heat with water, splashing boiling can occur. With corrosion.
combustion (decomposition) products : sulfur oxides.

3. Emergency Monitoring Methods :
gas detector tube

4. Laboratory monitoring methods :
barium chromate colorimetry (GB4920-85, sulfate concentration exhaust)
ion chromatography; Diethylamide spectrophotometry "air emission monitoring and analysis methods," Central States ECIC series

5. Environmental standards :
China (TJ36-79) Workshop harmful substances in the air that the maximum allowable concentration 2mg/m3

6. Emergency treatment and disposal methods :
a leakage contingency

leak contaminated areas evacuated personnel to a safe area, not to prohibit access to the contaminated area, the proposed emergency personnel wearing self-contained breathing apparatus to wear chemical protective clothing. A reasonable ventilation, not direct contact with the spill, in ensuring the safety of plugging. Rendering leakage and combustible materials (wood, paper, oil, etc.) exposure, water fog slowed volatile (or spread), but not to spill or leak water directly point. Sprinkle on the ground soda ash, then rinse with plenty of water, diluted Add Water Wastewater System. If large spills, using a causeway asylum, the best do not have water treatment, the technical staff under the guidance of removals.

two protective measures

respiratory protection : its possible exposure to vapor or smoke, wearing gas masks or gas-helmet. Emergency rescue or escape, it is recommended to wear self-contained breathing apparatus.
eye protection : Wear protective chemical safety glasses.
protective clothing : wearing overalls (anti-corrosion material).
hand protection : Wear rubber gloves.
other : work, take a shower. Separate storage of toxic pollution by the clothes, washed reuse. To maintain good health habits.

three, and emergency measures

contact with the skin : Immediately wash with water for at least 15 minutes. Or 2% sodium bicarbonate solution rinse. If it burns, medical care treatment.
eye contact : immediately filed eyelid, mobile or saline irrigation water for at least 15 minutes. Medical treatment.
Inhalation : rapidly from the scene to fresh air. Difficult to breathe oxygen. Give 2-4% sodium bicarbonate solution aerosol inhalation. Medical treatment. Fresh into
: coverage were to milk, egg white, vegetable oil, such as oral, not the symptoms. Immediate medical treatment.

fire fighting methods : sand. Ban water.

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