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CH2 = CHCONH2 molecular nature 71.08
; Flake colorless crystals. 84.5 ° C melting point. The boiling point of 125 ° C (3325Pa). 1.122g/cm3 density. Dissolved in water, acetone, ethanol, is not soluble in benzene. Fang allow the more stable, the melting point or UV irradiation polymerization easy. Flammable and met the fire will burn. By Shan liberation fever-corrosive gases. Toxic, on the central nervous against.
mainly used for the application of synthetic material monomer. Progressive paper industry for making paper. The construction industry used chemical grouting agents, preservatives. Organic industry used for the manufacture of intermediates and sticky Taiwan agent, photosensitive resin crosslinking agent. Beneficiation, oil and mining industries for the flocculant and acrylamide gel. The textile industry for fiber modifier.

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