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Molecular Formula C2H4N4
molecular 84.08
CAS No. 461-58 - 5

from water or alcohol precipitation of dicyandiamide white prism-like monoclinic crystal. Melting point 209.5 ° C and relative density d254 = 1.400. Cyanide and ammonia dicyandiamide (DCD 15%) of low-melting point for a total of 35.6 ° C Dicyandiamide neutral response. 13 ° C in ethanol solubility of 1.26%; Ether solubility of 0.01%; The water solubility of 2.26%, increased water solubility of the 80 ° C above the water will slowly ammonia decomposition. Dicyandiamide dissolved in liquid ammonia, but not soluble in chloroform and benzene.
purposes; Dicyandiamide for extensive use of chemical intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of the major guanidine A I2 (Guamecycline) and pyrimidine drugs.

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More Detailed Data:
1) cyano-Guanidine;Dicyandiamide;Cyanoguanidine;cyano-guanidin;1-cyanoguanidine
2) 1-Cyanoguanidine;2-Cyanoguanidine;Dicyandiamide;Dicyanodiamide
3) DICY;Cyanoguanidine;Dicyandiamide
4) dicyandiamide;cyanoguanidine
5) dicyandiamide;cyanoguanidine
6) dicyandiamide;cyanoguanidine
7) ammonium bicarbonate stabilizing agent DCD
8) 1-Cyanoguanidine;2-Cyanoguanidine;Cyanoguanidine;DCD;Dicyanodiamide
9) Cyano guanidine
10) guanidine;carbamidine;iminourea
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