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;3-pyridinecarbox amide;Niacinamide;Nicotinic acid amide;Aminicotin
Molecular Formula C6H6N2O
molecular weight of 122.13
CAS 98-92-0
precipitation from the benzene nicotinamide white needle crystal, no foul, Bitterpungent. Melting point 128 ~ 131 ° C, the boiling point of 150 ~ 160 ° C / 0.0667KPa. The relative density of 1.400. At 20 ° C, PK = 3.3. 1g Fosavance others were soluble in water 1m, 1.5ml ethanol, glycerol 10ml, but not soluble in ether, 10% (W / V) solution to the political litmus test neutral. It can generate acid and salt crystallization.
purposes; Nicotinamide itself for rough skin disease prevention and treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases and can be used for synthetic smoke hydrazine and derivatives, in addition to widely used as food and feed additives.

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