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2-Acetylfuran;2-Furyl methyl ketone
Molecular Formula C6H6O2
molecular weight of 110.11
CAS 1192-62-7
2-acetyl furan white crystallization temperature 29 ° C ~ 30. The boiling point of 88 ~ 90 ° C / 5.33; 67 ° C / 1.33kPa.Conclusion; 48 ~ 50 ° C / 0.667kPa. A flash point of 71 ° C. 1.098 relative density, refractive index n20D1.5070. Soluble ether.
purposes; 2-acetyl furan is important pharmaceutical intermediates. Cefuroxime widely used synthetic (Cefuroxime), cefazolin Xin fat (Cefuroxime Axetil), and tuberculosis Cefuroxine Pivoxetile furosemide breathing hydrazone (Furilazone).

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More Detailed Data:
1) 1-(2-furanyl)-Ethanone;ketone, 2-furyl methyl;1-(2-furanyl)ethanone;2-acetylfuran;2-furyl methyl ketone;acetylfuran;1-(2-furanyl)-ethanon;2-acetyl-fura;methyl 2-furyl ketone;2-furyl
2) 2-Acetylfuran
3) 2-acetylfuran
4) 2-Acetyl furan;2-Furyl methyl ketone;2-Acetylfuran
5) acetylfuran
6) furan
7) Furan;Divinylene oxide
8) Furan;Furfuran;Divinylene oxide;Oxole;Tetrole
9) 1,4-Epoxy-1,3-butadiene;Furan
10) furan;furfuran
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