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Acephate;O,S-Dimethyl acetylphosphoramidothioate
Molecular formula : C4H10NO3PS
MW : 183.17
CAS No. :30560-19-1

nature : pure white crystallization temperature 92 ° C, the melting point of industrial products 70 ~ 80 ° C and relative density of 1.350, soluble in water, methanol, the polar solvents such as acetone and methylene chloride, dichloroethane and other halogenated hydrocarbons, benzene, toluene, xylene smaller solubility in ether solubility even smaller. In alkaline medium instability.

Preparation : acephate production of the raw material for methyl chloride, ammonia, dichloroethane, acetic anhydride and dimethyl sulfate. By Amine, acylation, isomerization reaction steps derived. 1. Amination of methyl chloride and the corresponding proportion of dichloroethane from high groove measurement join amination kettle, stirring opening and frozen brine, when the reactor temperature to 15 ° C, measured by high ammonia trough slowly 71/92 ammonia in Kettle, Kettle temperature control in the 35-40 ° C, maintain 35-40min, after dropping ammonia, regulating chilled brine, reactor temperature dropped to 20-23 ° C. A temperature of mixing 30-35min, and then joined 6L water, stirring 2-3min, stop stirring, materials pumped to amination separator were stratified Still, after 30 minutes, the organic phase by the trough to take the measurement, namely, the organic phase with the solvent amine compounds (O, O-methyl-2 Thioxophosphamide). 2. N (1) acetic anhydride law will bring solvent amine compounds measured by the high slot Add N Kettle, opened the blender, then acetic anhydride high metering tank acetic anhydride to join N Kettle, re-opened chilled brine, kettle temperature dropped to 10 degrees, it will be concentrated sulfuric acid measured from the peak to trough slowly drops add reactor, after dropping sulfate, opened a source of the jacket frozen brine discharged steam slowly heating, autoclave temperature rose to 55-60 ° C, 50min maintained, the reaction completed, then kettle temperature to 10 ° C, ammonia high chlorine water trough 71/92 to and in response to formation of acetic acid, and pH to 7-8, and in the process, the temperature should be controlled below 30 ° C, and ended, the material will be pumped to the separator which rested separation, the separation of organic phase to lower crude N-Tank and then from distillation into the cauldron for vacuum distillation desolventizing ( Vacuum 86.7kPa, 70 ° C, 15-20min), derived from N (O, O-methyl-N-acetyl Thioxophosphamide). (2) chloride solvent Act will bring the amine compounds measured by the high slot Add N Kettle, mixing opened from the high chloride metering tank joined chloride. Then slowly kettle temperature rose to 50 ° C, 2h temperature reaction, the reaction Albert, reactor temperature dropped to 10 degrees, and then by high ammonia metering tank of ammonia slowly dropping, and in response to the acid generation, and to pH 7, and in the process, the reactor temperature to be controlled system 30 ° C, and in the end, by adding an appropriate amount of water. Dissolved and in the process generating the ammonium salt, stirring 2-3min, materials pumped Still separator to separate. The separation of the lower organic phase and pumped to autoclave vacuum distillation desolventizing (vacuum 86.7kPa, 70 ° C, 15-23 - 20min), N-derived. Acylation with acetic anhydride chloride or acylating agent can achieve better results. 3. Isomerization - acylation from trough to peak quantitative measurement of acylation-Add isomerization reactor, the opening of the blender, followed by dimethyl sulfate measurement trough high proportion of dimethyl sulfate join the isomerization reactor, slowly warming up to 65-70 ° C, a temperature of 2h, discharging, in acetylcholine Methamidophos crude. Each production 1t50% concentration of crude oil, consumption of raw materials : methanol (98%) 1953kg, phosphorus trichloride (98%) 1660kg, caustic soda (30%) 3220kg, dimethyl sulfate (98%) 120kg, ammonia (18%) 2450kg, sulfur (98 %) 315kg, acetic acid (98%) 295kg, amine compounds (40%) 1700kg, acetic anhydride (69%) 490kg, ammonium sulfide (industrial) 2200kg, dichloroethane (98%) 250kg.

purposes : acephate for broad-spectrum pesticides, insect pests of rice planthopper, leafhoppers, thrips, leaffolder insects, armyworms and three of the previous two of dark, cotton aphids, cotton bollworm and fruit trees, the pear fruit borer, peach fruit moth, Plutella xylostella vegetables, Spodoptera litura, caterpillar, wheat aphid, armyworms have such good control. General concentration (active ingredient) 0.05 ~ 0.1%, 34 doses of 50 ~ 70g.

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