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Acetonitrile;Methyl cyanide;Cyanomethane;Ethanemitrile
Molecular formula : C2H3N
MW : 41.050
CAS, introductory-05-8

nature : colorless, transparent liquid, similar to the probes ether. -45.7 ° C melting point, boiling point of 81.6 ° C and relative density of 0.786 (20 / 4 ° C), the refractive index of 1.3441, the flash point of 6 ° C and 20 ° C viscosity 0.35mPa s, the critical temperature 274.7 ° C , the critical pressure 4.8332MPa. Toxic, flammable, burning a bright flame. With water, methanol, methyl acetate, acetone, ether, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and vinyl chloride immiscibility. With the formation of water azeotrope with 84% acetonitrile, a total of 76 ° C boiling point.

Preparation : acetonitrile many methods of production, industrial production are the main acetate ammonification, acetylene and propylene ammoniting-product of ammonia oxidation law. 1. Ammoniting acetate acetate, ammonia as raw material, the aluminum oxide catalyst, 360-420 ° C in temperature, the reaction step synthesis of acetonitrile, the reaction liquid water by distillation and derived products. The consumption of raw materials fixed : acetic acid (98%) 1763kg / t, ammonia (99.5%) 691kg / t. 2. Acetylene ammoniting to acetylene, ammonia as raw materials and aluminum oxide catalyst, 500-600 ° C in temperature, the reaction step synthesis of acetonitrile. The consumption of raw materials fixed : 10231m3 acetylene, ammonia (99.4%) 1007kg / t. 3. Acrylamide-product of ammonia oxidation method to propylene, ammonia and air as raw materials, through the catalyst for the synthesis of acrylonitrile at the same time Vice-acetonitrile. Ton-product can acrylonitrile 25 - 100kg acetonitrile. 4. By acetamide generated from dehydration and phosphorus pentoxide. 5. By dimethyl sulfate and sodium cyanide derived role.

purposes : acetonitrile main use is as solvent. Acting as a solvent extraction of butadiene, synthetic solvents and certain special paint solvents. In the oil industry for hydrocarbons from the oil to remove tar and phenol material solvents. The oil industry follower for Vegetable Oil Fatty Acid extraction solvent, in Medicine for steroids with drugs recrystallization of the reaction medium. The high dielectric constant need of polar solvent is often used when acetonitrile and water to form the mixture Azeotrope : Containing 84% acetonitrile, the boiling point of 76 ° C. Acetonitrile is Medicine (vitamin B1), spices the intermediates, is manufactured three triazine nitrogen synergist raw materials. Alcohol is also used as a denaturant. In addition, it can be used for synthesis of triethylamine, acetic acid, etc., and the fabric dyeing, lighting industry has many uses.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Acetonitrile;acetonitril;cyanomethane;cyanure de methyl;cyanure de methyle;ethanenitrile;ethyl nitrile
2) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide
3) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide
4) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide;cyanomethane;ethane-nitrile
5) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide;Ethane nitrile
6) Methyl cyanide;Cyanomethane;Acetonitrile
7) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide
8) Acetonitrile
9) Methyl cyanide
10) Acetonitrile, chloro-;Chloromethyl cyanide;Chlorocyanomethane;Chloroethanenitrile;Monochloracetonitrile
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