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Castor oil
C57H104O9 molecular nature & 933.61
nbsp; a transparent colorless or pale yellow viscous liquid, a special disgusting stench, the main component of the castor oil acid (cis-12-hydroxy-18 carbenes 9-acid; CH3 (CH2) 5CH (OH) CH2CH = CH (CH2) 7COOH ) glyceride. 0.945-0.965g/cm3 density (25 ° C). Solidification point -10 degrees. Flash point 229.4 ° C Spontaneous ° C448.9 points. 1.473-1.477 refractive index. Saponification value 178mg KOH / g. Soluble ethanol, benzene, chloroform, carbon disulfide. Dextral. Low toxicity. Flammable.
application is an important chemical raw materials, mainly for the production of polyamide engineering plastics raw materials, as well as a significant oil, hydraulic oil, Turkey oil, electric insulating oil, surfactant, binder, plasticizers such as the production of raw materials. The pharmaceutical industry for laxative. Dehydration castor oil as a dry oil is used extensively for industrial paints. Organic synthesis for the production of industrial dicarboxylic acid, fatty acids, polyurethane coatings, such as synthetic rubber. Also, for soap production.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Castor oil;Ricinus oil;Oil of palma christi
2) Castor Oil
3) caster oil;ricinus oil
4) castor oi1
5) caster oil;ricinus oil
6) sulfonated castor oil;sulfated castor oil
7) dehydrated castor oil
8) polyoxyethylene castor oil
9) Castor oil, Bu esters;Castor oil, butyl ester
10) polyoxyethylenated castor oil;emulsifier EL
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