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Guanidine, mononitrate;Uramine nitrate;Iminourea mitrate;Carbamidine nitrate;Guanidine nitrate
Molecular formula : CH5N3 HNO3
MW : 122.08
CAS No. :506-93-4

nature : a white crystalline powder or granules. Oxidation is toxic. Decompose at high temperatures and exploded. 213-215 ° C melting point, the relative density of 1.44. Dissolved in water and alcohol. The 100g water solubility : 20 ° C 12.5g; 50 ° C, 65K; 80 ° C Pink. 100g in the solubility of methanol : 20 ° C 5.5g; 40 ° C9.4g; 60 ° C15.6g. In 100g of ethanol solubility : 20 ° C less than 1g; 50 ° C 35g; 76 ° C12g. Insoluble acetone, ether and benzene. 25 ° C 1% aqueous solution of pH 5.7.

Preparation : DCD reaction with ammonium nitrate derived. Will dicyandiamide, mixing ammonium nitrate, adding reaction pot, heat melt until the temperature rose to about 180 ° C, water-cooling jacket to temperature slowly rose to 210 ° Cfor half an hour, in nitric acid guanidine. Product content greater than or equal to 90%. The consumption of raw materials fixed : DCD 360kg / t, ammonium nitrate 3891 / t.

use : This is mainly used for explosives, their derivatives nitrate, picrate, and peroxynitrite Perchlorate Salts, can be used as a component of explosives mixed. For mine blasting explosives and rocket propellant. The pharmaceutical industry for the production of Sulfanilamide, sulfadiazine sulfa drugs such as raw materials. Preparation for the paint industry and other guanidine carbonate salt guanidine, and photographic materials and disinfectants, etc.. Analysis also can be used as reagents to test the complex acid guanidine salt.

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