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3-Aminobenzoic acid;Benzaminic acid;Benzoic acid, 3-amino-;m-Aminobenzoic acid
Molecular formula : C7H7NO2
MW : 137.14
CAS No. :99-05-8

nature : white or pale yellow crystal. Melting point 174 ° C and relative density of 1.5105 (20 / 4 ° C). Soluble in acetone can dissolve in boiling water, heat alcohol, chloroform and ether heat slightly soluble in cold water, cold alcohol cold chloroform, benzene and do not dissolve in gasoline. Maturity. Can sublimation.

Preparation : 1. Inter-nitrobenzoic acid catalytic hydrogenation of inter-nitrobenzoic acid soluble in water, heating to 70 ° C, with 10% caustic pH, pH greater than 7. Adding 2% of activated carbon, detreated 20-30min, filtration. Filtrate to 10% caustic pH adjustment - 8.5. Adding to the filtrate palladium carbon (about 2% palladium chloride solution slowly by adding water and carbon to the mixture, while stirring plus side, after increases End-derived hydrogen), heated to 40-45 ° C, Tung no longer absorption of hydrogen to date. Palladium charcoal filtered, in between amino acid solution of sodium. The yield was 95%. Nickel can also be used as catalyst, the results of the experiment, the yield was 99.8%; The 1000ml beaker add between 88% nitro - benzoic acid (100% 82.3g), 400ml water, with 22% NaOH, pH = 6-7, on the whole expected to be dissolved after accession Cook Nguyen nickel, where the mixing liquid material drawn sway Autoclave, respectively hydrogen, nitrogen replacement twice replenishment pressure to 3.92MPa, pressure 2.94 - 3.92MPa, 130-140 ° C temperature reaction 5h about hydrogen pressure is not lowered to the end. After filtration, drying derived products. 2. Iron reduction in the reaction tank water, hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride, heated to 80 ° C. By adding iron, 95 ° Cfor 30 minutes, sub-sub input between nitrobenzoic acid, 100 ° C for one hour, cooling to 80 ° C with sodium carbonate and had to pH above. At 50 ° C, pressure filtration, water scrubber sludge and also in light brown dope. HCl pH, or the salting-out method of inter-nitrobenzoic acid precipitation, filtration, drying derived products. The yield of 90%.

purposes : medicine and dye intermediates. Used in the manufacture of dyes, pharmaceuticals B iodobenzene acid and bile acid video, reagents.

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5) 3-Amino-o-toluic acid;2-Methyl-3-aminobenzoic acid;3-Amino-2-methylbenzoic acid
6) Ethyl m-aminobenzoate;Ethyl 3-aminobenzoate
7) ethyl-m-aminobenzpate
8) Benzoic acid, 3-amino, methyl ester;Methyl-3-aminobenzoate
9) Benzenecarboxylic acid;Benzeneformic acid;Benzenemethonic acid;Carboxybenzene;Oracylic acid;phenyl carboxylic acid;Phenylformic acid;Benzoic acid
10) benzoic acid;benzene carboxylic acid
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