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Ammonium oxalate
Molecular formula : C2H8N2O4 H2O
MW : 142.11
CAS No. :1113-38-8

nature : the goods for colorless crystalline columnar. The relative density of 1.501, 1.439 refractive index. 20 can be soluble in cold water, 2.6 in the boiling water, ethanol-soluble and insoluble in ammonia. Odorless, heating or decomposition.

Preparation Methods : oxalic acid soluble in water, which added to the ammonia and continually mixing solution will be rapidly cooled to 25 ° C, filtered crystal at room temperature drying COONH4.

purposes : reagents for the analysis and synthesis of organic intermediates.

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4) Ammonium oxalate;Oxalic acid diammonium salt;Ammonium oxalate monohydrate
5) Diammonium oxalate;Ethanedioic acid diammonium salt;Ammonium oxalate
6) diammonium oxalate
7) oxalic acid;ethanedioic acid HOOCCOOH
8) ethanedioic acid
9) Oxalic acid;Ethanedioic acid;Dicarboxylic acid
10) oxalic acid
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