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Isoniazid;4-Pyridinecarboxylic acid hydrazide;iso-Nicotinic acid hydrazide;Remifon;Nydrazide;iso-Nicotinyl hydrazide;INAH
Molecular formula : C6H7N3O
MW : 137.14
CAS No. 22-24-85-3

nature : the white needle crystal. 174.4 ° C melting point. The solubility in water : 25 ° C, 14%; 40 ° C, about 26%. The solubility of ethanol : 25 ° C, about 2%. In boiling ethanol about 10%. Micro dissolved in chloroform, in fact do not dissolve in benzene and ether. Odorless.

preparation methods : acid and hydrazine hydrate derived condensation. Will isonicotinato dissolved in hydrazine hydrate, by adding instruction on crude liquor, vacuum distillation to 79-82 ° C (13.3-14.7kPa) so far. Warming up to 129-130 ° C, the reaction 3h. The reaction solution by adding half of liquor dilution, plus active carbon used to filter. Liquid cooling crystallization in 10 ° Cfilter, filter cake washing liquor with rude, crude in isoniazid. By then re-crystallization of active carbon used to filter, drying products. The yield of 90%.

purposes : the goods for efficient, low-cost-choice anti-TB drugs, is also used as a plating additives and pharmaceutical intermediates. I. Breathing hydrazine and formaldehyde sodium bisulfite condensation isoniazid can be obtained methane sulfonic acid [13447-95-5]. Dual formaldehyde condensation and isoniazid. This condensation reaction than Rong Yi, isoniazid to formaldehyde solution, the reaction around 65 ° Chalf hours. Isoniazid and homovanillic acid condensation is carried out in aqueous solution, the reaction temperature is about 95 ° C, generate Isonicotinic hydrazone. These derivatives are isoniazid antituberculosis drug. Isoniazid type role to the best of isoniazid, Isonicotinic hydrazone the role of TB than isoniazid weak, but the nervous system and liver toxicity than isoniazid light.

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1) 4-Pyridinecarboxylic acid, hydrazide;isonicotinic acid hydrazide;4-(hydrazinocarbonyl)pyridine;4-pyridinecarbonylhydrazine;4-pyridinecarboxylic acid hydrazide
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4) isoniazide;isonicotiny hydrazide;INH
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7) 4-Pyridinecarboxylic acid hydrazide;Isonicotinic acid hydrazide;Isonicotinylhydrazine;I
8) isoniazide;isonicotinyl hydrazide;INH
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