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Pine rosin from the sticky secretion be liquid obtained by distillation, a natural resin, transparent and brittle solid material, color from light brown stones to the surface, a slight sheen. With incense resin odor. Rosin of the major components of acid resin, is a weak acid, the formula of C19H29COOH, molecular weight 302.46. Resin acid is most representative of rosin acid, unsaturated acid, containing a total of the accused double bond. Density 1.05-1.10, 110-135 ° C melting point, softening point (Universal) 70-80 ° C, the boiling point of 300 ° C (65Pa), the flash point (say) 216 ° C, 480-500 ° C to ignite. Glass transition temperature Tg = 30-38 ° C, the dissolution rate of a shot. 5453. Easy in the air oxidation, the colors become darker. Soluble ethanol. Ethyl ether, acetone, benzene, carbon disulfide, dichloroethane, turpentine, oil and alkaline solution. Solubility in lower gasoline. Do not dissolve in water, water-soluble. Rosin crystallinity is often encountered from the solvent crystallization phenomenon, it is because of rosin isomers in certain solvents caused by the different solubility of. Rosin crystallinity can be classified? France : from 108 fragments of rosin and 10ml tube placed acetone, dip dissolved Still, as in crystallized within 15 minutes, this easy Rosin crystallization. At 2 hours after precipitation, this is not easy Rosin crystallization can be used.
Rosin quality, color, acidity, softening point, and set transparency. More Die in color, the better the quality, the greater the rosin acid content, the greater the acidity, the higher softening point.
Rosin viscous very good, especially varistors, viscous fast, low viscosity is very good, but less cohesive. As Rosin and carboxyl containing double bonds, and has a strong reaction, so light, heat, oxygen is less stable, showing resistance aging well, poor weatherability and it is easy powder and change phenomenon. Rosin divided into divisions, one, two, three, four, five a total of six.
Rosin in thermography, and the solvent-based pressure sensitive adhesives used in tackifying resin viscosity increase and improve bond strength.
stored in a cool, ventilated, dry coffers, far selfish species, heat, preventing sunlight exposure. Rosin on the role of oxygen is very sensitive, especially in powder form is more easily oxidized, it's best to block storage, to prevent the oxidation become darker in color, performance changes.
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