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MF;Melamine formaldehyde resin
Yes melamine formaldehyde resin from melamine and formaldehyde in aqueous solution acidity regulator, stabilizer and the presence of condensation in the system. White powder or powder, tasteless, non-toxic. Have excellent heat water, electricity and heat insulation, heat deformation temperature of 180 ° C, the use of temperature -57 ° C ~ 12L. Oil and general solvent-resistant acid, alkali.
relative density of 1.5 absorbent (%) <0.15
contraction rate (% ) Martin Schulman temperature (° C) 110 ~ 190
for phenolic resins and urea - formaldehyde resin, polyvinyl acetate the resin modifier can enhance water resistance, resistance to aging. Store in a cool, ventilated, dry coffers.
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