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Acetic acid, mercapto-;Thioglycolic acid;TGA;Mercaptoacetic acid
Molecular formula : C2H4O2S
MW : 92.12
CAS No. :68-11-1

nature : for the pure transparent colorless liquid, and industrial products for micro-colorless to yellow. -16.5 ° C melting point, boiling point of 123 ° C (3.866kPa), 108 ° C (2.0kPa), 96 ° C (0.67kPa), the relative density of 1.3253 (20 / 4 ° C), the refractive index of 1.5030. With water, alcohol, ether immiscibility. There is a strong unpleasant odor in the air quickly oxidized, a small amount of copper, iron, manganese ions exist oxidation process can be accelerated. The concentration of less than 70% (weight) of the TGA aqueous solution at room temperature storage is stable, and in high concentrations, and it would generate a certain amount of self-esterification.

Preparation : organic or inorganic sulfur compounds with chloroacetic acid in a sodium, potassium salt in response. For example, a chloroacetic acid and sodium sulfide, sulfur formation of disulfide two acid, zinc and then used acid reduction; Or dithiomethylcarbamate with a chloroacetic acid, derived by hydrolysis products; A chloroacetic acid and thiourea response generated isothiorea - acetic acid, and then into barium hydroxide precipitation, reuse sulfate acidification made thioglycolic acid aqueous solution by evaporation can be obtained 60% -70% solution, the yield more than 70%.

purposes : TGA both hydroxybutyric acid characteristics of the reaction, with sulfhydryl response characteristics, the most important of which is disulfide reaction between the response. In particular, under alkaline conditions with the hair of cystine response, cut off cystine (-S-S-) keys, generate easy curly homocysteine. The main agent for curly hair, hair removal agents, low or no toxicity PVC stabilizer, the polymerization reaction initiator, accelerating agents and chain transfer agent, metal surface treatment agent. In addition, thioglycolic acid is classified iron, molybdenum, aluminum, tin and other sensitive reagents; Polypropylene also can be used as the processing of forming crystal nucleation agent and coatings, and fiber modifier, blankets speed Jimmy agent.

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