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1,2,4-Benzene tricarboxylic acid;Trimellitic acid;1,2,4-Tricarboxybenzene
Molecular formula : C9H6O6
MW : 210.14
CAS No. :528-44-9

nature : white crystals. Melting point 229-230 ° C (238 ° C). Soluble in ethanol and dimethyl formamide, dissolved in acetone, slightly soluble in water and ethyl acetate, almost insoluble in benzene, chloroform and carbon disulfide.

Preparation Methods : Partial three toluene (1,2,4 - trimethylbenzene) for raw materials, nitric acid oxidation by potassium permanganate oxidation, or air oxidation or liquid derived. 1. The first step oxidation of nitric acid oxidation : partial three nitric acid and toluene molar ratio of ll, nitrate concentration of 17%, the reaction temperature is 200 ° C, pressure following about 3.9MPa. The second step oxidation : partial three nitric acid and toluene molar ratio of 1:4.5, nitrate concentration of 50%, the reaction temperature of 180 ° C, pressure following about 3.9MPa. Partial response from benzene three acid liquor by the cooling and crystallization, centrifugation, dry cleaning products. The yield of more than 55%. 2. Potassium permanganate oxidation to the purity of 95% of the partial three toluene as raw material, in 20-30 times the presence of water at 90-95 ° C temperature using potassium permanganate oxidation products obtained by acidification, re-crystallization, drying, in a white needle crystal.

purposes : Preparation partial benzene trimellitic anhydride, of Trimelltic esters for resins, plasticizers, dyes, adhesives and so on.

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