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2-Bibenzylcarboxylic acid
Molecular formula : C15H14O2
MW : 226.28
CAS No. :4890-85-1

nature : solid. 130-132 ° C melting point, boiling point of 259 ° C.

Preparation : anhydride by condensation, hydrolysis, hydrogenation, and acid derived. (1) Condensed acid anhydride and condensation in Benzylidene phthalic anhydride. (2) hydrolysis, hydrogenation, acid and phthalic anhydride Benzylidene hydrolysis of o-acetyl sodium benzoate, and hydrogenation in neighboring beta-phenylethyl Sodium benzene, hydrochloric acid and used by ethanol derived refined neighbors beta-phenylethyl acid.

purposes : medicine amitriptyline in the intermediates.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Formic acid;Methanoic acid;Formylic acid;Carboxylic acid;Hydrogen carboxylic acid
2) carboxylic acid
3) Benzenecarboxylic acid;Benzeneformic acid;Benzenemethonic acid;Carboxybenzene;Oracylic acid;phenyl carboxylic acid;Phenylformic acid;Benzoic acid
4) Carboxybenzene;acide benzoique;acido benzoico
5) benzoic acid;benzene carboxylic acid
6) Benzoic acid;Benzene carboxylic acid;Phenylformic acid;Dra-cylic acid
7) Benzoic acid
8) Benzoic acid;Carboxybenzene
9) benzoic acid;benzenecarboxylic acid;phenyl-formic acid
10) benzoic acid;benzene carboxylic acid;benzene acid;phenylformic acid
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