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Na Na symbol, atomic number 11, atomic weight 22.99, nuclear external electron-type arrangement for 1s22s22p63s1, in the third cycle of the periodic table I of the main clan, the alkali metal element belonging. Solid atomic volume 23.68 cm 3 / Moore, atomic radius of 0.154 nm (1.54), the ionic radius 0.095 nm (0.95), the first ionization potential 495.77kJ/mol, electricity negative 0.9, solid 0.971g/cm3 density (20 ° C), 97.8 ° C melting point, boiling point of 883 ° C, hardness 0.4. A silver-white metallic sheen, light, soft, and good ductility and heat conductivity. Chemical properties lively. Sodium at room temperature under hypoxic conditions with the oxidation of a generation of sodium oxide, a yellow burning flame generated Na2O2, above 300 ° C with hydrogen combine to form ionic sodium, chlorine burn with a yellow flame formation of sodium chloride. A small amount of sodium mixed with fluorescent property were grinding severely reacts sodium sulfide, sodium at room temperature with the water generated intense reaction of sodium hydroxide and hydrogen, with hydrochloric acid and other acid or dilute sulfuric acid produced by the reaction of sodium and hydrogen, sodium is highly reductive, can be titanium, zirconium, niobium, tantalum and other metal from the molten halide also original out. Sodium input will be more inactive salts solution, sodium tell the reactions of sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas, sodium hydroxide matter with the salt decomposition reaction occurred Minute new generation of salt and alkali. In nature, the chemical form of sodium to exist, spread of the earth, containing approximately 2.64%. In 1807 the British chemist David melting in the electrolysis of sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide discovered sodium. General industrial electrolytic molten sodium chloride sodium admission to the system. Sodium in organic synthesis and in some rare metals smelting used as the reductant, sodium can be used to make Na2O2, tetraethyl lead,. The sodium and potassium alloy (containing 50 to 80% of the potassium) which is liquid at room temperature and can be used for the thermal reactor agent; Sodium vapor spectra, D is yellow line, could be used to monochromator.
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1) sodium;natrium;sodio
2) sodium
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4) sodium Na
5) sodium
6) ethylsodium
7) aryl sodium
8) benzylsodium;phenylmethylsodium
9) phenylsodium
10) methyl sodium
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