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Butyric anhydride;Butanoic acid anhydride;Butyryl oxide;Butanoic anhydride
Molecular formula : C8H14O3
MW : No. Using 158.20

nature : a transparent colorless flammable liquid, low toxicity. The temperature -75 ° C (-65.7 ° C Freezing Point), the boiling point 199.4-201.4 ° C (101.3 kPa), the relative density of 0.9668 (20 / 4 ° C), the refractive index of 1.4070, vapor pressure 39.4Pa (20 ° C), the flash point of 86.1 ° C Water soluble and acid decomposition generation, dissolved in ether.

Preparation : Mr anhydride may be small and sodium chloride were generated from heat, or by acid and acetic anhydride Preparation. Butyric acid and acetic anhydride in the presence of a catalyst heated reaction in the small liver, vice-acetic acid, then separated, purified product derived. The other method is acid with a sulfur chloride, or keto acid and ethylene (or diethyl gestrinone) reaction, or acid and methyl acetylene reaction, can get a small anhydride.

purposes : Preparation of cellulose acetate small, acid esters and fragrance raw materials. In Medicine for gallbladder iodine contrast agents pantothenic acid raw materials.

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More Detailed Data:
1) n-Butyric anhydride;Butanoic acid, anhydride;Butyrl oxide;butyric anhydride;anhydrid kyseliny maselne;butanoic anhydride;n-butyric acid anhydride;Butanoic acid anhydride
2) butanoic anhydride;butyric anhydride
3) butyric anhydride
4) butyricanhydride
5) n-Butyric acid;Butanoic acid;butyric acid;1-propanecarboxylic acid;acide butyrique;butanic acid;buttersaeure;butyrate;ethylacetic acid;kyselina maselna;n-butanoic acid;propylformic acid
6) n-Butyric acid;Ethylacetic acid;Butanoic acid;Propylformic acid;Butyric acid;n-Butanoic acid
7) isobutyric anhydride
8) isobutyric anhydride
9) butyric acid;butanoic acid
10) Perfluorobutyric anhydride;Heptafluorobutyric anhydride
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