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Polyacrylamide;PAM;2-Propenamide, homopolymer
Molecular formula : [C3H5ON] n
molecular Cyber-five million
CAS No. :9003-05-8

nature : colorless or slightly yellow splatter colloid. Water-soluble resin, in any proportion can dissolve in water. Only in acetic acid, acrylic acid, ethylene glycol, Formamide, glycerol, lactic acid and a few other solvents can dissolve about 1%, almost insoluble in organic solvents. The temperature over 120 ° C Yi decomposition.

Preparation : acrylonitrile catalyst role in the copper water Hopewell been acrylamide, then K2S2O8 under polymerization of polyacrylamide. Copper alloy washed by the alkali treatment made after Cui agent into a hydration reactor, the raw material acrylonitrile-tank pumping again Add metering tank, ion exchange treatment, the water tank into the measurement, then the proportion of raw materials used by the pump preheater consecutive hydration reaction injection device, control 85-125 ° CHydration formation of acrylamide solution, the remaining flash tower by the acrylonitrile to the condenser water flow measurement recycling cans recycled, and acrylamide solution from the flash tank inflow tank, with pumping to the top slot to exchange resin column, enter the receptacle night 7-8% concentration of monomer, rushed to the polymerization reactor system colloidal% polyacrylamide-namely packaging products.

purposes : widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, coal, mineral processing and textile industries, as precipitation flocculants, thickeners oilfield water injection, drilling mud additives, textile pulp, paper reinforcer, fiber modifier, soil improvers, soil stability Indeed agents, thickeners fiber, resin processing agent, synthetic resin coatings, adhesives, dispersion agent.

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