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Potassium bitartrate;Potassium acid tartrate;Acid potassium tartrate;Potassium hydrogen tartrate;Cream of tartar;Butanedioic acid, 2,3-dihydroxy-(R-(R*,R*))-, monopotassiu
Molecular formula : C4H5KO6
MW : 188.18
CAS No. :868-14-4

nature : colorless or white crystalline powder. The relative density of 1.984. Inorganic soluble in dilute acid, alkali solution or borax solution. Do not dissolve in acid or ethanol. The water solubility. T, ° C 0 20 40 60 80100 KHC4H4O6,% 0.32 0.54 1.19 2.40 4.40 6.50

Preparation Methods : The in 2L water by adding tartaric acid, heated to boil all dissolved, while heat filter. Another rebate from 1L of anhydrous potassium carbonate dissolved in the water, dissolved as soon as it is after filtration. Purple solution will be slowly added to the mixing tartrate solution (with large amounts of carbon dioxide generated), until the pH of about 2 to date. Precipitation reaction process large white precipitation. Cooling, suction filter, wash with cold water, the products.

purposes : as analytical reagents, buffers, such as reducing agent for spices, food processing, electroplating, the pharmaceutical industry. The food industry is mainly used for the leavening agent (system cakes and bread, etc.).

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1) Potassium bitartrate;Butanedioic acid, 2,3-dihydroxy-(R-(R*,R*))-, monopotassium salt;tartaric acid, monopotassium salt;acid potassium tartrate;2,3-dihydroxy- (r-(r*,r*))-butanedioic aci monopotassium salt;2,3-dihydroxy- [ theta-( theta, theta)]-butanedioic aci monopotassium salt;2,3-dihydroxy-butanedioic aci (r-(r*,r*))-butanedioi
2) potassium bitartrate;cream of tartar;potassium acid tartrate
3) potassium bitartrate;cream of tartar;potassium acid tartrate
4) potassium bitartrate;cream of tartar;potassium acid tartrate
5) potassium bitartrate;potassium acid tartrate
6) Potassium hydrogen tartrate;Potassium bitartrate;Tartaric acid monopotassium salt;L(+)-Potassium hydrogen tartrate
7) cream of tartar;tartar;wine stone
8) cream of tartar;tartar;wine stone
9) cream of tartar;tartar;wine stone
10) cream of tartar
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