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Zirconate (2-), hexafluoro-,dihydrogen;Rochelle salt;Seignette salt;Sosium potassium tartrate;Potassium sodium tartrate
Molecular formula : C4H4KNaO6 4H2O
MW : 282.23
CAS No. :6381-59-5

nature : colorless translucent crystalline or white crystalline powder. The temperature 70-80 ° C, relative density of 1.790. 100 ° Clost three estimateBEIJING crystal water-140 ° C crystallization of all the lost water, 220 ° Cdecomposition. Dissolved in water, soluble in ethanol. Microcredit was alkaline aqueous solution. Mei Chatham cold.

Preparation : tartaric acid with potassium hydroxide, and sodium hydroxide were derived. In equipped with steam heating and stirring the reaction tube draining accession solid caustic soda, liquid potassium hydroxide and water solution. In the heating and stirring adding tartaric acid, until the pH of 7. Suction mixture of liquid crystalline Add to the pot, cooling and crystallization. After leaching by water washing to remove chloride, in the following 48 ° C after boiling dry for the finished product.

purposes : for medicine, reagents, industrial microscope system for reductant in the telecommunications equipment used for crystal loudspeaker system or crystal microphone.

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1) Zirconate (2-), hexafluoro-,dihydrogen;potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate;Sodium potassium tartrate,tetr;Zirconate(2-),hexafluoro-,dihydrogen;Sosium potassium tartrate;potassium sodium tartrate(rochelle
2) D-Potassium sodium tartrate;Butanedioic acid, 2,3-dihydroxy-[R-(R*,R*)]-, monopotassium monosodium salt;Rochelle salt;2,3-dihydroxy- [ theta-( theta, theta)]-butanedioic aci monopotassium monos;2,3-dihydroxy-butanedioic aci monopotassium monosodium salt;monopotassium monosodium tartrate;potassium sodium tartrate;seignette salt;sodium po
3) potassium sodium tartrate
4) potassium sodium tartrate;rochelle salt
5) Potassium sodium tartrate;Rochelle salt;Seignette salt;Potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate
6) Rochelle salt;potassium sodium tartrate
7) Rochelle salt;potassium sodium tartrate
8) Rochelle salt;potassium sodium tartrate
9) L(+)Potassium sodium tartrate;Potassium sodium D-tartrate
10) Dipotassium tartrate;[R-(R*,R*)]-2,3-Dihydroxybutanedioic acid dipotassium salt;Potassium tartrate
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