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p-Chlorobenzhydryl2-(1-piperidyl)-ethyl ether
Molecular formula : C20H24ClNO
MW : 329.88
CAS No. :3703-76-2

nature : Boiling Point 178-180 ° C (2:45, 3:59, 5:41) ,172-174 ° C (dimple), hydrochloride, C20H24CINO HCI, Hustazol. White or category of white crystalline powder. 147.9 ° C melting point. Soluble in water, ethanol, chloroform, acetone - soluble. No foul, Pungent base after a numb feeling.

Preparation : 4-chloro-benzene methanol as ether, condensation derived. 4-chloro-benzene methanol, ethanol chloride, sulfuric acid and benzene joined 11:50, stirring, heating return 4h. Still, the minutes from organic layer. Using alkaline washing after washing solution to neutral, recovery of benzene 4-chloro-dibenzo-methyl-β - chloroethyl ether. With its Hexahydropyridine anhydrous sodium carbonate and heated to return seven hours, or cough-generated, refined salt that at hydrochloride.

purposes : non-narcotic, Pfizer applied to cold, flu, bronchitis, tuberculosis, lung cancer and other diseases caused by coughing.

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