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4-Cresol;p-Hydroxytoluene;p-Methyiphenol;p-Cresylic acid;p-Cresol;Phenol, 4-methyl-;4-Methylphenol
Molecular formula : C7H8O
MW : No. Using 108.14

nature : colorless crystalline massive objects. 34.69 ° C melting point, boiling point, 201.9 ° C (201.8 ° C, 202.5 ° C), 85.7 ° C (1.33kPa.Conclusion), relative density (20 / 4 ° C) 1.0178 (1.0341). refractive index of 1.5312 (1.5395), the flash point of 86.1 ° C (closed cup), the self-ignition point 559 ° C Solubility in water at 40 ° C up to 2.3%, 100 ° C at 5%. Soluble caustic lye and common organic solvents. With the steam can be volatile, phenol odor. Combustible.

Preparation : 1. , A mixture of cresol m from the mother liquor, the addition of oxalic acid can be used for recrystallization. 2. For toluene and sulfuric acid sulfonation, and that the formation of toluene sulfonate via alkali fusion, acidification, in the distillation cresol finished. In order to obtain high purity cresol two pairs of : (1) distillation of cresol obtained via the crystallization of separation; (2) proceeds of sulfonated after first PTSA for cooling and crystallization, filtration, and ongoing and alkali fusion, acidification, distillation derived products. Jin Yan Nanjing Chemical Corporation developed sulphonated alkali fusion technology is mature and produce high purity p-cresol, changing process conditions, the use of the device also produces m-cresol, and o-cresol, phenol, naphthalene phenol.

purposes : to create antioxidant 264 (2,6-di-tert-butyl - p-cresol) and rubber antioxidant materials. The plastic industry can produce phenolic resins and plasticizers. The medical disinfectants used. In addition, the dye can be made of materials and pesticides.

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10) 2-Amino-4-methylphenol;6-Hydroxy-m-toluidine;2-Amino-p-cresol;2-Amino-4-cresol;Phenol, 2-amino-4-methyl-
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