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Sodium acetate;Acetic acid, sodium salt
Molecular formula : C2H3NaO2
MW : 82.04
CAS No. :127-09-3

nature : odorless and colorless crystals in the air can be weathered, combustible. Dissolved in water and ether, ethanol-soluble. Sanshui sodium acetate melting point of 58 ° C and relative density of 1.45, 607.2 ° C spontaneous combustion point. At 123 ° C water off three elements. Anhydrous sodium acetate melting point of 324 ° C and relative density of 1.528.

Preparation : calcium acetate and Soda rehabilitation decomposition into sodium acetate, the reaction solution was concentrated to 26 ° Be, the activated carbon bleaching, then cooling and crystallization, centrifugal separation derived products. When required to obtain anhydrous sodium acetate, sodium acetate crystallization will re-melt, vacuum filter will be placed on stainless steel crystal liquor slot cooling, and then centrifuge, suction filter, laundry, heating electricity so crystal dehydration, drying, or in anhydrous goods. Also available acetic acid and caustic soda production direct response sodium acetate.

purposes : for organic synthesis of esterification agent, and photography drugs, medicine, printing and dyeing Mordant, buffer, chemical reagents, meat preservation, pigments, tanning and many other aspects. The system can be used for all sorts of chemical products, such as furan acrylic acid, trichloroacetic acid and acetate, etc.. The sauces goods as the buffer, it will ease the bad smell and to prevent the color, a certain antifungal role. Can also be used for seasoning sauce, pickles, mayonnaise, surimi, sausage, bread, sticky puddings such ilizers. With methyl cellulose, mixed phosphate, used to enhance the sausage, bread, sticky puddings such as the preservation of nature.

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