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Sodium lactate;Lacolin
Molecular formula : C3H5NaO3
MW : 112.07
CAS No. :312-85-6

nature : colorless or near-colorless syrup-like liquid. The temperature 17 ° C, the boiling point of 140 ° C (decomposition). Alcohol can be immiscible with water, neutral aqueous solution. Odorless, easily absorbing moisture.

Preparation Methods : sodium carbonate (or sodium hydroxide) dissolve in water, which slowly by adding lactic acid, heated to boiling, carbon dioxide Yat do, adjusting the pH to 7, plus active carbon used to filter and the filtrate was concentrated to 25 ° C in sodium lactate.

purposes : as a medicine for relieving diarrhea dehydration, diabetes, nephritis, students particles by the acidosis. Also used as a flavoring, casein protein plastic plasticizers, antifreeze, moisturizing agents, glycerol substitutes, the Anti-Alcohol antifreeze agent.

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