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Vulcanization Blue CV
Molecular formula : no
MW : No
CAS : No

nature : a blue-gray powder. Water-soluble, non-soluble in ethanol and benzene soluble sodium sulfide solution is olive colored. Concentrated sulfuric acid in dark blue and diluted into a dark blue precipitate. Stained-insurance powder in alkaline solution was dark yellow, oxidation can resume normal color; Sodium hypochlorite solution in all bleaching; Case of concentrated sulfuric acid changes to dark blue.

preparation methods : by right-aminophenol and Cliff acid (1-naphthylamine 5 (8) - sulfonic acid) condensation using multiple sodium sulfide and sulfur into the reduction of the consumption of raw materials, recanalization air oxidation, then filtration, drying, grinding and processing system standardization in . (Kg / tonne) Cliff amino acid 195 caustic soda phenol 100 (100%) 75 sodium hypochlorite (10%) 1,940 sodium sulfide (63.5%) 360 Sulfur 430 Soda hydrochloride 100 (31%) 20

purposes : to cotton, Ma, Nien defibrillators and fabric dyeing. Leveling cleaning up and had a good, slow oxidation. Low temperature (70 ° C) Color Yield stained deep and bright, high temperature and shade greyed. For Villeneuve staining, leveling, bad Color Yield shallow depth than cotton, dark shade. The new materials have the aqueous acid, and the stained-staining fastness worse than the average sulfur dyes, such as the fixing agent Y, may raise staining fastness and color slightly Yan Liang. Staining from using hydrogen peroxide or sodium perborate oxidation, will enable the brightly-colored, blue-colored light. Commodities commonly used in the fight with the Green crabs, dark green, sea blue, so blue. Attention should be given to different temperature dyeing fight with the dye, easy color. If curing Blue BN fight with blue, the general high temperature vulcanized first CV dyed blue, and so cool sulfide BN painted blue, to prevent color.

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