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Molecular formula : C13H22N2
MW : 206.33
CAS No. :538-75-0

nature : white crystals or slightly yellow transparent liquid. 35-36 ° C melting point, boiling point, 154-156 ° C (1.47 kPa) 1998-99-100 ° C (66.7kPa). Soluble benzene, ethanol, ethyl ether, do not dissolve in water.

Preparation : 1. Dicyclohexyl thiourea industrial law by Cyclohexylamine reaction with carbon disulfide formation of N, N'- Dicyclohexyl thiourea, derived from hydrogen sulfide. 2. Dicyclohexylamine urea method may also be N, N'- Dicyclohexyl urea and phosphorus pentoxide in pyridine reaction derived.

purposes : amikacin for the synthesis of amino acids and dehydration, is a good low-temperature dehydration biochemical agents, but also for acid anhydride, aldehydes, ketones, such as synthesis. In Japan, for the glutathione dehydrating agent and the total consumption of 90%. The goods dehydration as condensing agent, in a short period of time under normal temperature by cooking the reaction, the reaction product of Dicyclohexyl urea. As the product of the solubility in organic solvents small, so easy to separate reaction products; Meanwhile, as the goods difficult to dissolve in water, even if it is in water, the reaction can still continue. The products are also used peptide and nucleic acid synthesis, the use of the onset of the room temperature to very easily by people with the free carboxyl compounds and with the free amino synthetic peptide compounds, and high yield. For the production increase in blood pressure, cyclic adenosine monophosphate.

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More Detailed Data:
2) N,N'-methanetetraylbis-Cyclohexanamine;N,N-Dicyclohexyl carbodiimide;dicyclohexyl-carbodiimid;1,3-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide;bis(cyclohexyl)carbodiimide;n,n'-methanetetraylbis-cyclohexaamin;n,n'-methanetetraylbis-cyclohexanamin
3) N,N`-dicyclohexyl carbodiimide;DCC;DCCI
4) DCC;N,N'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide;Bis(cyclohexyl)carbodiimide;1,3-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide;Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide
5) deep catalytic cracking;DCC
6) DCC;deep catalytic cracking
7) carbodiimide
8) CC;Ancitabine Hydrochloride;Cyclocytidine Hydrochloride
9) critical dilution rate;Dc
10) curie;Ci
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