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Vitamin E
Molecular formula : C29H50O2
MW : 430.72
CAS No. :10191-41-0; 59-02-9

nature : α-vitamin E BNDADA to pale yellow oily liquid. 2.5-3.5 ° C melting point, boiling point, 200-220 ° C (13 Pa), relative density (25 / 4 ° C) 0.950, 1.5045 refractive index. Soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone, chloroform, and other fatty oils solvents, almost insoluble in water. In the absence of air under the conditions of stability are very enthusiastic base, 100 ° C with no acid, but susceptible to oxidation, in the air or by illumination with chemical reagents which can be oxidized to the quinone derivatives.

Preparation Methods : natural vitamin E, known to exist α-, β - and γ - including seven tocopherol isomers. Plant different types of the main ingredients are different. Just like oil to the United States Wheat α is the main component, while soybean oil δ-dominated, oil-rich corn-γ. Wheat germ oil, soybean oil as a raw material, its molecular distillation, collecting 240 ° C below the distillate, dissolved in acetone, and cooling from sterols, and then potassium hydroxide and ethanol saponification, and then use the ether extract the non-GS, molecular distillation and concentration, in Tocopherol concentrates. Production of synthetic vitamin E, is 2,3,5 - trimethyl - hydroquinone and alcohol condensation plants.

purposes : vitamin E isomers, the highest activity of α, δ the smallest. Vitamin E on sugar, lipid and protein metabolism affects the body's exact role is less clear, mankind has not yet discovered the lack of vitamin E symptoms. It is commonly used clinical treatment of threatened abortion, abortion and muscular dystrophy, efficacy definitely hard, now commonly used as supplements. Vitamin E on the role and effectiveness of the research, the rapid progress in recent years, it arteriosclerosis, anemia, brain softening, liver disease, cancer there is a certain medical value, thereby attention.

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