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4,4-Dimethoxy-2-butanone;Acetylacetaldhyde dimethyl acetal;3-Ketobutyraldehyde dimethyl acetal
Molecular formula : C6H12O3
MW : 132.16
CAS No. :5436-21-5

nature : the goods boiling point 70-73 ° C (2.67 kPa), 50 ° C (0.67kPa), the relative density of 0.993, folding rate-1.4150, a flash point of 49 ° C.

Preparation : acetone by the condensation generated from the addition.

purposes : medicine sulfamethyldiazine the intermediates.

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More Detailed Data:
1) 4,4-dimethoxy-2-butanon;3-oxobutyraldehyde dimethyl acetal;4,4-dimethoxy-2-butanone;acetoacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal;acetoacetaldehyde, 1-(dimethyl acetal);acetylacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal;beta-oxobutyraldehyde dimethyl acetal;formylacetone dimethyl acetal;Acetylacetaldhyde dimethyl acetal;3-Ketobutyraldehyde dimethyl acetal;acetoacetaldehyde dimethylacetal;4,4-dimethoxy-butan-2-one
2) Acetyl acetaldehyde shrink two methanol
3) 3-Ketobutyraldehyde dimethyl acetal;3-Oxobutyraldehyde dimethylacetal;4,4-Dimethoxy-2-butanone;4,4-Dimethoxybutanon;KBA;Acetylacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal
4) 2-Butanone;Methyl ethyl ketone;Ethyl methyl ketone;2-Ketobutane;Butanone;2-Oxobutane;MEK
5) methyl ethyl ketone;2-butanone;MEK
6) butyraldehyde dimethyl acetal
7) Ethane, 1,1-dimethoxy-;1,1-Dimethoxyethane;Dimethylacetal;Acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal;Ethylidene dimethyl ether
8) 1,1-dimethoxy-Ethane;acetaldehyde, dimethyl acetal;1,1-dimethoxyethane;acetaldehyde methyl acetal;dimethyl aldehyde;dimethylacetal;1,1-dimethoxy-ethan;ethylidene dimethyl ether;methyl formyl;Acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal;1,1-dimethoxy-ethane;1,1-Dimethoxy ethane;3-Methyl-2,4-dioxapentane
9) Ethyl methyl ketone;Methyl ethyl ketone;MEK;2-Butanone
10) 2-butanone;methyl ethyl ketone
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