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Erucic amide;Erucamide;13-Docosenamide, (Z)-
Molecular formula : C22H43NO
MW : 337.59
CAS No. :112-84-5

nature : solid white powder. The temperature 94 ° C (83 ° C). Heat alcohol-soluble, organic solvent such as ether, do not dissolve in water.

Preparation : erucic acid and ammonia in a catalytic role under ammonification, generated from dehydration.

purposes : mainly for PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene extruded film's excellent lubricant. Resin add about 0.1% erucic acid amide, can speed up the rate of extrusion, molding products after the war, can effectively prevent the film adhesion between-phase, convenient operation. Plastic can also be made with antistatic properties. The products are also used to protect metal coating, paint and dye dispersant, printing ink additives, fiber finishes from abroad, rubber compounding agents. Because drug-free, allowing food packaging materials used.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Erucic amide;(Z)-13-Docosenamide;cis-13-docosenamid;erucamide;erucic acid amide;erucylamide;(z)-docos-13-enamide
2) cis-13-Docosenoamide;(Z)-13-Docosenamide;Erucylamide
3) additive
4) additive;addition agent
5) Smash paint additives
6) oil products additives
7) petroleum additives
8) food additive(s)
9) feed additive
10) acid wash additive
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