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Ethephon;2-Chloroethylphosphonic aicd;Ethrel;Florel;Phosphonic acid, (2-chloroethyl)-
Molecular formula : C2H6ClO3P
MW : 144.49
CAS No. :16672-87-0

nature : colorless crystalline long needle. 74-75 ° C melting point. Soluble in water, alcohol, acetone, benzene insoluble and soluble petroleum ether. The air vulnerable deliquescence, was strongly acidic aqueous solution, when pH>3.5 decomposition gradually released.

Preparation : ethylene oxide and phosphorus trichloride temperature in the esterification, after a molecular rearrangement, acid derived.

purposes : Ethylene is a plant growth regulator, with enhanced emulsion plant hormone secretion, accelerate maturity, therefore, aging and the promotion of flowering physiological effects. Under certain conditions, not only its own ethylene can release ethylene, but also induced plants produce ethylene. For natural rubber, benzoin, raw lacquer production, a significant output. Ethephon used to promote cotton mature and focused the opening of a boll, to increase sidelights upgrading of cotton farming is conducive to mechanization; Bananas and can be used for the ripening tomato, ripening rice, tobacco-yellow, pineapple Kai-conditioning, in addition to flower tea, cucumber and other melons spent the gender transformation, wheat Male apple and citrus as a colorant.

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