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Molecular formula : C6H4N2O4
MW : 168.11
CAS No. :99-65-0

nature : pale yellow crystal. Melting Point 90.02 ° C (89.57 ° C), the boiling point of 291 ° C (100.8kPa), 167 ° C (1.87), relative density of 1.571 (0 / 4 ° C). Soluble in benzene, chloroform, ethyl, alcohol-soluble slightly soluble in water. With the steam can be volatile.

Preparation : nitrobenzene by mixed acid derived nitrification. Two crude nitrobenzene with sodium sulfite solution purification. Refining major filtrate containing sodium nitrobenzene, which is adjacent to two two nitrobenzene and nitrobenzene and sodium sulfite reaction product. Nitrobenzene with mixed acid nitration, the resultant two middle nitrobenzene about 88% o 10% nitrobenzene, two pairs of nitrobenzene 2%. The isomer separation method, and the use of ethanol or three pairs of the different solubility of benzene designed after the process.

purposes : mainly used for dyes, pigments and other organic synthesis of intermediates. The nitrobenzene in two isomers, m-dinitrobenzene use more.

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