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Ethyl vinyl ether;Ethoxyethene;Ethoxyethylene
Molecular formula : C4H8O
MW : No. However 72.11

nature : colorless flammable liquid, the chemical reactions lively performance. In liquid or gas under very easily polymerization, industrial products containing inhibitor to prevent polymerization. -115 ° Cfreezing point, boiling point, 35-36 ° C, the melting point -115.8 ° C and relative density of 0.754 (20/20 ° C), the refractive index of 1.3767, the flash point of -45.5 ° C, 201.66 ° C spontaneous combustion point, viscosity (20 ° C) 0.22mPa s. Micro dissolve in water, dissolved only 0.9% (weight). The air in the explosion limit of 1.7% -28% (volume).

Preparation : acetylene from calcium carbide occurred, acetylene ethanol with potassium hydroxide in the presence of catalyst, the reaction in compression.

purposes : vinyl ether paralysis the central nervous system and its narcotic effects than ether strong, and therefore on medicine for anesthetics, analgesics. The goods or fine chemical intermediates and can be used for drug sulfadiazine, disinfectant glutaraldehyde, polymers, coatings and other production. The system can also be used for admission spices such as additives and lubricants.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Ethyl vinyl ether;ethoxy-Ethene;Ethoxyethene;Ethoxyethylene;ether, ethyl vinyl;agrisynth eve
2) Vinyl ethyl ether;Ethoxyethylene
3) Ethoxyethene;Ethyl vinyl ether
4) ethyl vinyl ether;ethoxy ethylene
5) vinyl ethyl ether;ethoxy ethylene
6) vinyl ethyl ether;ethoxy ethylene
7) vinyl ethyl ether
8) vinyl ether;2-Chloroethylvinyl ether;Vinylether;Vinyl2-chloroethylether
9) Methyl vinyl ether;Vinyl methyl ether;Methoxyethene
10) ethylene;ethene
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