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Sodium thinobycliate
Molecular formula : no
MW : No
CAS : No

nature : no

Preparation : No

purposes : No

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Sodium thioglycollate;Acetic acid, mercapto-, monosodium salt;mercapto-acetic aci monosodium salt
2) Acetic acid, hydroxy-, monosodium salt;Sodium glycollate;Sodium hydroxyacetate;glycolic acid, monosodium salt;hydroxy-acetic acid monosodium salt;glykokolan sodny;monosodium glycolate;natriumglykolat;sodium alpha-hydroxyacetate
3) Acetic acid, hydroxy-, monosodium salt;Sodium hydroxyacetate;Sodium glycolate;Sodium glycollate
4) Acetic acid, mercapto-;Thioglycolic acid;TGA;Mercaptoacetic acid
5) thioglycolic acid;mercaptoacetic acid
6) Mercaptoacetic Acid;Thioglycollic acid;2-Mercaptoethanoic acid
7) mercaptoacetic acid;thioglycolic acid
8) ethyl mercaptan;Ethanethiol
9) sodium
10) sodium;natrium;sodio
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2) Recording medium capable of carry-out interactive replay and replay system thereof
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