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Xanthan gum;Xanthan
Molecular formula : no
MW : No
CAS No. :11138-66-2

nature : light tan powder. Head size 60-80, viscosity Pago ?0.55 seconds (1% aqueous xanthan gum). PH 6.5-8.0. Xanthan gum is cabbage black rot wild yellow rapeseed single spore bacillus use corn starch, bio-engineering preparation of biological polymers, it is by glucose, mannose, glucuronic acid, acetic acid and pyruvate of biopolysaccharides. Xanthan the molecular structure determines its other polymer with unmatched performance : a high concentration of low-viscosity characteristics; Two good flow thixotropy or pseudoplastic; 3 acid, alkali and salt, anti-oxidation, hydrolysis; Heat 4, the number of frozen and thawing process remained stable, under the conditions of high temperature stability; 5 with acid, alkali and salt, the reductant, surfactants, preservatives, natural or synthetic thickeners in the same solvent system with excellent compatibility; six good dispersion, emulsion stability and suspended particles, droplets capacity.

preparation methods : by containing sugars (such as glucose, sucrose, starch and starch hydrolysis) of the fermentation medium, the appropriate source of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium hydroxide two modest presence of trace elements from the wild rape XANTHOMONAS strains, fermentation, and then extract , drying, crushing processes in the system.

purposes : widely used in food processing, oil drilling and production, pesticides, seeds, coating, feed, Japan, textile printing and dyeing, paper, tobacco, mint, fire and many other industries.

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