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Molecular formula : C8H11N
MW : 121.18
CAS No. 98-21-214-84-0

nature : Youfang scented liquid. From the air to absorb carbon dioxide, was strongly alkaline, and alcohol, ether mutually soluble, water-insoluble. DL boiling point of 188 ° C.

Preparation Methods : A Acetophenone with ammonium reaction or acetophenone in liquid ammonia reduction from the system.

purposes : fosfomycin the intermediates. A split agent, the synthesis of chiral intermediates.

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More Detailed Data:
1) alpha-methyl-benzylamin;1-(aminoethyl)benzene;1-amino-1-phenylethane;1-fenylethylamin;1-phenethylamine;1-phenylethanamine;1-phenylethylamine;alpha-aminoethylbenzene;alpha-methylbenzenemethanamine
2) Α-phenylethylamine
3) DL-.alpha.-Phenylethylamine
4) ethylaniline;aminoethylbenzene
5) (S)-(-)-1-Phenylethylamine;L(-)-alpha-Methylbenzylamine;(-)-PEA;L-1-Phenylethylamine
6) ethylamine;monoethylamine;aminoethane;ethanamine
7) Benzylamine
8) Phenylmethylamine;Moringine;Benzenethanamine
9) ethylamine;aminoethane
10) ethylamine
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