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C.I. 77019;Muscovite potassium;Silicate mica;Mica
Molecular formula : K2O.3 (Al2O3) .6 (SiO2) < sup>.2 (H20)
MW : No. 800.90
CAS substitutes-26-2

nature :

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More Detailed Data:
1) mica
2) mica
3) mica
4) mica
5) Mica;silicate, mica;abhrak;biotite;davenite p 12;fluorophlogopite;lipidolite;margarite;mica, fluorian;mica-group minerals
6) muscovite;white mica
7) hydromica
8) Lithium magnesium sodium fluoride silicate;Fluorine Mica
9) POTASSIUM;potassium
10) muscovite,white mica
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