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2,6-dimethylcyclohexanol, mixture of isomers
CAS : 5337-72-4
formula : C8H16O
molecular weight : 128.21
boiling point : 174.4 ° C
Chinese name : 2.6 - dimethyl cyclohexanol

English name : 2,6 - dimethylcyclohexanol, mixture of isomers
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More Detailed Data:
1) methylcyclohexanol
2) methyl-Cyclohexanol;methyl-cyclohexanol;hexahydrocresol;hexahydromethylphenol;methyl adronol;methyl anol;methylcyclohexanol;methylcyclohexyl alcohol;methylhexalin;metylocykloheksanol
3) Cyclohexanol;Hexahydrophenol;1-cyclohexanol;adronal;adronol;cicloesanolo;cyclohexyl alcohol;cykloheksanol;hexalin
4) cyclohexanol
5) Cyclohexanol;Hexahydrophenol
6) Cyclohexanol;Hexahydrophenol;Hexalin
7) cyclohexanol
8) hexalin
9) n-Hexyl alcohol;Hexanol
10) n-Hexanol;1-Hexanol;1-Hexyl alcohol;hexyl alcohol;1-hydroxyhexane;alcohol c-6;alcool n-hexylique;amyl carbinol;amylcarbinol;caproyl alcohol
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